Fall Protection Engineering

At Secure2, fall protection system requirements are evaluated on a case by case using an extensive list of criteria. Governed by provincial, federal and CSA standards/regulations, expertise is paramount in selecting and implementing the right solution. As experts in this field, we offer a variety of fall protection engineering services, including:

Fall Protection Assessments – Typically for new and existing buildings or structures, we review
current work procedures/tasks, evaluate the requirement of fall protection, and provide our

On-site Consulting – We inspect and review on-site construction field tasks to evaluate the level of
fall protection required. We act as a safeguard for construction companies to ensure fall protection
compliance and therefore mitigate accidents and liabilities.

Engineered Design – As experts in fall protection, Secure2 provides specialized design of fall
protection systems and solutions including: roof anchors, horizontal lifelines (HLLs), vertical lifelines (VLLs), window washing anchors/davits, engineered anchor points, ladder climbing systems, guardrails and any other applicable solution. Our solutions are compliant with provincial, federation and current CSA standards/regulations. Any solution requiring engineered design will be certified by a Professional Engineer registered with PEGNL.

Fall Protection Solution, Supply & Installation – We have a skilled and experienced field crew available to install our fall protection engineered solutions. Our engineers are hands on in this process and ensure that each part of the installation is completed properly. This allows for prompt and efficient final certification of the system from our engineers. When completed, we provide briefing and onsite demonstrations to ensure the end user is using the system properly.