Annual Inspection & Certification

Proper inspection, maintenance and certification of fall protection systems is extremely critical. As life safety systems, stringent guidelines are used to govern these requirements. After original installation of a fall protection system, the professional engineered stamped certification for use is typically only valid for 1 year. An annual certification is required for each year of use. This concept is often misunderstood by the end user. The below describes general annual inspection requirements for fall protection operations and suspended equipment operations:

  • Fall Protection Operations – Annual Inspection – Requirement for anchorage connectors as per CSA Z259.15 and requirement for horizontal lifelines as per CSA Z259.16.
  • Suspended Equipment Operations – Annual Inspection – Requirements vary as per equipment. However, in general, structural components shall be inspected or tested, or both, at intervals not exceeding 12 months by a professional engineer or a qualified person under the supervision of a professional engineer. In addition, ensure compliance of standards as per CSA Z91/Z271.

Secure2 offers annual inspection and certification services for both fall protection and suspended equipment operations. With the combination of our specialized experience and state of the art testing equipment, we ensure that all operations are compliant with the latest regulations. All certifications are stamped by a professional engineer licenced in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

If we provide our professional engineered stamped certification, employers, supervisors and building owners can be assured that the liability for use of their fall protection operations or suspended equipment operations will be our responsibly. Secure2 carries $2 million in general liability insurance on every project we certify.